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International Truck Haulage
ILHAM Co dedication is truck haulage. Delivering cargo all over the world the Company with maximum efficiency utilizes resource capabilities of its own hauling stock, which currently with high power.
It is important to realize that when implementing large-scale long-term projects, which require significant volumes of freight forwarding, it is impossible to cope with this task utilizing the truck fleet of only one company, irrespective of the quantity of vehicles at its disposal. Therefore, ILHAM Co is operating not only as a transporter, but also as a forwarding agent, engaging partners and their resources.
To ensure strict fulfillment of undertaken commitments on cargo delivery arrangements in the required volume and within the established timelines, the ILHAM Co Company has concluded direct long-term contracts with the most reliable and well-established motor transport enterprises of Russia, CIS countries, Baltic States and Europe.

Established partnership relations and significant experience of joint operation help ILHAM Co promptly find correct transport solutions and develop effective routes.

Export-Import Transportation Routes:

  • Scandinavian routing: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain;
  • Western Europe: France, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland;
  • South European routing: Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, former Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece, Syria, Jordan.

The ILHAM Co Company carries out transportation of standard and non-standard (dangerous, over-dimensioned, costly) cargo.

On international routes the Company utilizes vehicles with volume capacity 90—120 m³. Apart from delivery, the Company Clients can use cargo loading services, warehousing, packing, marking and customs clearance of cargo warehouse terminals in Europe.