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Railway services

ILHAM Co provides also cargo delivery services throughout the world with the use of railroad transport.

A follows:

  • Acceptance of any amount of cargo: from one container or railway car up to the route deliveries;
  • Constant tracing of cargo movement;
  • Transportation of complex, over-dimensioned, assembled (small) cargoes as well as cargoes requiring special conditions of transportation;
  • Development of fastening and transportation schemes to provide carriage of the oversized and heavy cargoes
  • Development of separate routes and ways of transportation applicable to individual kinds of cargoes;
  • Organization of railroad transportations in Western Europe and South-East Asia.
During all stages of cargo transportation you are dealing with the sole entity responsible for the final results thereof that seems especially important in cases of combination of railroad transportation with the other kinds of transport when discrepancy in between different types of transport may result in big contract losses.